Own and Take Control of Your Health

With Honeycomb Health, patients with rare diseases can store their health information and share it meaningfully with providers, institutions, and their community.

By granting healthcare professionals access to patient's information, they'll easily be able to review, update, and manage a single source of truth that captures the patient's entire diagnostic journey.

What information can be uploaded?

Health Information

Health records
Disease Symptoms
Family History
Doctor Visits
Test results
Testimonial Videos
Environmental Factors
Behavioral Factors
Health Proxy including wills, DNRs, and other pertinent information
Join or Create a Patient Community

Connect by joining or creating a community that shares your experiences and understands your journey.

We provide a forum for rare disease patients to connect and share experiences within their disease community and beyond, allowing them to stand together as they embark on a path toward recovery.

Be a part of the Solution

Honeycomb Health enables patients to participate in and benefit from cutting-edge research. We connect patients with researchers, clinical trial investigators, and pharmaceutical companies who are in the business of creating better health.

The Honeycomb Health Whitepaper

Learn about our origins, team, and discover how Honeycomb Health is the solution for better health.