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How it works

Honeycomb Health will become your go-to wellness tool with the new Honeycomb Mobile App!



Follow the Steps

Slide the bar and discover the 8 steps you have to follow to be part of our family

Create your account
First, you will create an account and become a Honeycomb Member.
Tell us about yourself
You’ll answer some simple questions about yourself to create your basic profile.
Enter your medical information
As you enter your medical history onto our secure database, this will become your personal health record. We’ll never share this data with third parties. Tip! Have your records ready.
You will be guided every step of the way
Your information will be securely stored as health cards. These can be easily updated, printed, or converted to PDF and shared at your discretion.
Your personal Honeycomb Health Record has been created.
Join your hive
You will be invited to join The Hive, our private member group, where you can meet others in similar situations, share stories, and swap important insights.
Easily stay updated
Update your Honeycomb Health cards anytime you visit a doctor, undergo testing, or change your medications. Keep track of it all in one place!
Tell us what you like & tell us what you’d like
Your feedback is vital to make Honeycomb Health work for you. Help us ease your burden from having to advocate for yourself in way most people never have to.

See what’s coming

Honeycomb Health will become your go-to wellness tool with the new Honeycomb Mobile App!

Your data, at your fingertips, wherever you are

Look up key dates, health information, records, or pull up documents as you are sitting with your doctor or your family.

Upload new information on the go!

Upload information from your latest diagnostic test or doctor’s appointment even before you leave their office.

Create a daily health history by setting up 1-3 simple questions to answer daily.

Prompts will help you keep track of your pain level, headaches, or any other symptom quickly and easily every day. Build a health history like you’ve never had before. Pull it up and see a graphic representation of your results when you are visiting your doctor and see patterns at a glance.

Share health cards quickly and easily

Choose what information to share and send it right from your phone. Keep your doctors and loved one informed of key developments, appointments, documents, or anything else they need to know.

See your health history at a glance with our timeline

The Honeycomb Health timeline will be your visual organizational tool. Imagine, every diagnosis, every appointment, every test, every procedure, and every treatment visually represented on a continuum. Quickly see when things happened, jump to events, and retrieve the information you need quickly and easily.