Honeycomb Health Named Finalist In Health Sciences Innovation Award 

Honeycomb Health, a project being created out of GTO Greater Good, Greater Than One’s nonprofit subsidiary, has been named a finalist in the Top 8 That Innovate.

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Rebecca Trahan and Elizabeth Izard Apelles on The Health Design Podcast

Surviving SCAD lead Rebecca to advocate and build awareness for the rare disease community and serendipitously partnering with the nonprofit Honeycomb Health, started by Elizabeth Apelles, Founder and CEO of Greater Than One Group.


Rebecca Trahan in KREX5 FOX4 Westernslopenow

Rebecca tells how life gave her a second chance to do something great and help others.

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Elizabeth Izard

Elizabeth Izard Apelles in Med Ad News

Elizabeth, CEO of Greater Than One Group and a founding member of Honeycomb Health explains the impact of this project its the roadmap for the future.

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